drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

How do we address the HORROR of the NannyState Crisis

Strange Days Indeed - in which digby offers us a lovely panel from Tom Tomorrow - in which the pitch forked citizenry are coming out against expanding health care.

But as anyone who has been following the crisis knows, the 'shut down the government' movement that shows up at Town Halls, and which so many GlennBeckWannaBe's are reaching out calling for some form of not fully engaged armed assault, are, well, not about issues of health care. If anything, health care is not really on the table.

The question is whether or not the nation can live with the threat of not having GreatLeader Lead!

So one of my core concerns is whether or not we should be talking about the core issue, and hence trying to go towards talking these folks off the ledge. Or should we be supporting them to step out in faith, and go where the day takes them!

If we were able to help them learn to live AuthoritarianFree lives, would they be willing to actually engage in mere rational discourse? Or would they still be boisterously engaged in the civil discourse, but without the implied threat of an armed uprising in the background.

If we are not able to get them to live their own lives, is there some civil way to help them understand that armed uprisings may look lovely in RedHollywood Propoganda Films, but really are annoying ways to try to make ends meet on a day to day basis!

In short, should the objective be to help ease these folks back into a rational society that understands the complications of giving up AuthoritarianIsm, and trying to live an AuthoritarianFree life, in ways that most 12 step programmes today are just not willing to touch!
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