drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Showing The Tools

For those not aware, a part of extracting support from detainees, can include the phase where you show them the weapons of torture, so that they understand what is in play. So now we have Gun-Nut Outside Obama Townhall Linked to GOP 'Stop ObamaCare' Effort: Strapped with a loaded gun, William Kostric carried a message from the GOP's "break Obama" campaign.

I think the real message is clear enough. It is time for americans to work out if they want to leave the government in the hands of mere civilians....

In related news we have The Tragedy of Our 'Disappeared' Veterans: How the justice system has been manipulated to put astonishing numbers of vets with PTSD and other psychiatric injuries behind bars.

Interesting that they too are citing Dr. Shay's book. And interesting that we are living in a world where there is no ongoing medical health insurance for the formerly military to help them deal with the side effects of coming back to the horrors of a civilian america!

Makes one wonder how the game is really being played out there.
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