drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Game ON!

Military Contractor Employee Alleges Torture by Obama Administration

Well there you go! Proof that the Obamanation is at war with the FeeDome of the Contractors in some sinister RED Socialized WarFareStuff to back the Welfare Queens of the DOD against the God Fearing No Bid Contractors Of God!

Besides, all true americans believe that evidence derived from torture is still admissible in an american court, since if the unbeliever had the power of god, then nothing would have been derivable by Torture!

And on top of it all, is this guy even an american, and do we want to be giving special rights to non-americans just because the Obamanites are soft on using cheap ferrign devil labor! Clearly makes one wonder which side they are on about stopping the MexiKanukiStanians from taking the good Jobs!
Tags: lawfare, torture, war_crimes

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