drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Get Your Game On AntiRationEers

Town Haller Envisions Future With Toilet Paper Rationing

Yes, that obamaCare NationalSocialistMarxianistThingusOfPooh is CRUSHING the FeeDome of FeeForServices by imposing Godless Federal Bureaucrats who will ration everything on the evil orders of their Sinister NorKoSomaliSudaneseKenyan OverLord!

Update: worth noting, in the comment section, some GodHatingAmericaBasher asks the question;
Why is TPM posting headlines from The Onion?
Are we There Yet? Has the HalderOn Collider taken us all under the short bus to the happier kinder post surrealisms or what?
Tags: konspirakii

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