drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Strange headline mix

Why Men Need to Get Over Their Femiphobia -- Fear and Disdain of the Female: The author argues in his book excerpt that a "great deal of the nation’s gender problem has to do with how men think about women."


Rape Victims Charged Up to $1,200 for Rape Kits: Rape is not something you should budget for. Yet some rape victims, unlike victims of other crimes, have to pay for basic evidence collection.

Hum.... One has to wonder which part of the DeathPanelProgramme these came out of...

The 'Perfect' Porn Vulva: More Women Demanding Cosmetic Genital Surgery: Women are risking their lives to achieve an unrealistic and unnecessary ideal.

Or when sometimes the quest for excellence leads one way deep into the forest for the really SCARY VampireUnicorns!
Tags: media, memewar

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