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And This Is Problematic How?

Well gosh, that is the central tenant of the rant s9: Carpet-Bombing Our Way Toward Jeffersonian Democracy where it specifically calls out the Wonders Of WSJO: White Guilt and the Western Past: Why is America so delicate with the enemy? that explains why we need to get more butcher about carrying the war to the enemy.

Then the FrootBats over at MojoWire Whine about
As the Los Angeles Times reported on Saturday, this much is known to be true: On November 19, after a roadside bomb killed Lance Cpl. Miguel Terrazas, 15 Iraqi civilians – including seven women and three children – were allegedly shot and killed by a unit of US Marines operating in Haditha, Iraq. Then, this past Friday, a battalion commander and two company commanders from the same unit were relieved of their duties.

We also know that the Marine Corps initially claimed that the 15 Iraqi civilians were killed by a roadside bomb. But in January, after Time magazine presented the military with Iraqi accounts and video proof of the attack's aftermath, officials acknowledged that the civilians were killed by Marines but blamed insurgents nonetheless who had "placed noncombatants in the line of fire."

However, video evidence shows that women and children were shot in their homes while still wearing nightclothes. And while there are no bullet holes outside the houses to support the military's assertion of a firefight with insurgents, "inside the houses…the walls and ceilings are pockmarked with shrapnel and bullet holes as well as the telltale spray of blood."

The Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) has launched a criminal investigation to determine whether the civilians were intentionally massacred by Marines. A second investigation will explore the initial misleading explanations of the killings.

[ cf TheNation: Haditha, Iraq ]
Where it appears that the Nation is a bit upset that the Evil Liberal Main Steam Media is covering up these Glorious Military Victories Over The Iraqi!!!

Or is it that they are upset that the Evil Liberal Peace Freak Types are engaged in Persecuting Marines merely for killing women and children at point blank range, rather than with the plausible deniability that they were merely collateral damage...

So Why AREN"T More americans supporting the slaughtering of enemies of the state, irregardless of how we go about irradicating them..

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