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Red Hollywood Leads The Way!

For $1,375, the limousine took the director about nine miles. According to the reporter’s Friday article, a taxi would have cost $40. Beyond the price, the receipt included the director’s address and other information.

According to Ezabella, she asked the following question: During the financial crisis when studios are forced to cut staff and budgets, how can you justify paying so much money to have a limousine pick you up at your house to travel such a short distance?
Officially, Universal Studios did not comment. However in Brazil, Universal’s representative complained to Folha and said that Ezabella is now blacklisted from future press conferences.

Curiously enough, for apparently trivial matters, sometimes press censorship isn’t exclusively the province of authoritarian governments and restrictive laws. Keeping it in perspective, the conclusion is simply the following: we show off the good and hide the bad. Or at least pretend the bad doesn’t exist.

[ cf When a limousine can teach us about press censorship ]
Now more than ever americans should follow the lead of Red Communist Hollywood and blacklist the Godless America bashing Defeatist Rumour Mongers!

Besides, we must support the Free Market, and stop these Excessive Governmental Repressors of the FeeDome with their godless questions that doubt the moral purity of true Americans!!!
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