drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Palin Stabs Troops In The Back!

After "Death Panel" Remarks, Palin Now Calls For Civil Discourse

ZOMGZ!!! can there be any doubt that this is just more of the same old failed Stab The Troops In The Back HORROR of liberal draft dodger dope smoking kapitulationist kut undt Runner Appeaser HORROR that is unwilling to Cry BatZhit and loose the Wogs of Complete WackJobbery!!!

Now More THAN EVER if you are not willing to bomb the evil liberals back into the stone age, then you are putting granny on the death trains to the Evil NorKoSomaliKenyanista Death Camps! Where the Death Panels will turn them into recyclables with their Evil EcoTerrorism!!!!
Tags: konspirakii

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