drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

But can he really be the new Horst Wessel?

The conservative activist who claims he was beaten up by union thugs in St. Louis while protesting against health care reform is accepting donations towards his medical care because he was laid off recently and ... has no health insurance.
[ citing The New Joe the Plumber ]
OR is this the new NorKoSomaliKenyanista who is being put up by the Evil Liberal Media to persecute White Christian Americans!!!

I mean what sort of Total Victory Mission Accomplished War Hero would stoop to accepting any sort of donation for medical care!

So is this really the true standard bearer for the Raise High The Flag!

UPDATE: Faking victimhood: Just how hurt was that supposed victim of SEIU 'thuggery'? - well, are we as a nation safe from the horrors of WelfareStatism all around us everywhere!
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