drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Is there room for dialog in the middle of the holy crusade?

Even before the troops are forced to retreat from IranqIstania, and the evil AfroArabicSocialist clique follow them back to USofA, to embark upon massed waves of terrorism, americans are starting to gear up for the inevitable civil war that must come before the Rapture takes the true believers out of harms way.

I keep wondering IF we will be able to move to some form of civil discourse with a modicum of reasoning? Or will we have to wind it up so that we get a serious, and patriotic, chance to understand why those who are most ready to advocate the use of armed violence, will also be the first ones to embrace the Glenn Beck crying jag, or the Rush Limbaugh Pineal Gland, or the Jonah Goldberg whine about how it is none of his bizniz to follow his rhetoric into the hostile fire payzone....

Or will the gambiting about militarizing the police force be a sufficiency of happiness to help us all embrace the new era of public safety!

How exactly should a civilized public discourse go? And how long should it be allowed until the nation embraces that only Military Style Operations can protect us from the national security threat! We all agreed that it was the only way to deal with 911, and all of those people we bought overseas, whom we do not want to prosecute in american courts, so they should be persectured in almost like american courts....

So which romantic images of who is allowed to use which Nazi Images is the correct national standard?
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