drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Liberal Bloggers Get Main Stream Media to whine about Colbert

It is interesting that after a day of whining about it in Evil Liberal Blogs, the Main Stream Media is working on why they did not like the ideas of Colbert's Routine, since telling the Truth in Satire is NOT FUNNY, and it emotionally traumatized the victims of the Abuse, who were not just the President, but his lap Puppies in the Main Stream Media who are still trying to work out why exactly they were such Abusive Pro-War Drum Beaters demanding the irrational invasion of Iraq, when those were Iranian Flying Saucers that had attacked on 09/11/2001.

For a Pro-Government response, check out WaPo: The Colbert Blackout which ironically starts out with the reality check that the MSM were just MIFFED that anyone would pick on them for having caused the invasion of the wrong country, and that it has taken the white house three years to notice that minor detail. There are the obligatory references to the YouTube site and transcripts of Colbert's Main Force Assault On White Christian America that would be Tantamount to TREASON were the nation actually 'at war' and not merely in a time of tansferrence unto the unborn!!!

So check it out!


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