drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

UnHoly RadFemiNazi's Flying Rodent Person!

What are we suppose to make of:

First lady Laura Bush joined her husband in defending his nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday and said it was possible some critics were being sexist in their opposition to Harriet Miers.

"That's possible, I think that's possible," Mrs. Bush said when asked on NBC's "Today Show" whether criticism that Miers lacked intellectual heft were sexist in nature. She said Miers' accomplishments as a lawyer were a role model to young women.

[ cf reuters ]

Now I think we all accept that Frau Bush is no Hitlary Clinton, openly bent upon the destruction of our White Christian America, but does she really think that trying to play the 'sexism' card will really help when the attacks are coming from the so called "conservatives" on the so called "right wing"? Or is she trying to protect The Greatest Military Leader EVER! from the attacks of the radical left?

Wouldn't it be simpler to go with the traditionalist

Support the President to Support The Troops

I mean that should rally the bedrock conservatives who are more or less convinced that we are more or less @War than we have ever been before. So why not focus on the core ideology - the glorification of the military - rather than wallow in the uncharted depths of considering NonMalePerKins to be the moral equivolent of Unborn Male PerKin... We all know where that slippery slope goes. And the burning sulphur smell rises up from that Pit!!!

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