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Records, Records, Who's Got The Records...

Well, gosh, golly, gee whiz, it seems that the White House is not too sure if they actually use the American Secret Service to Protect the President, and hence whether the US Secret Service should be held accountable for logs of who visits the White House Players in the US White House. Now I can understand that Scotty is probably getting nervous as his time of almost protected as a member of the Executive Comes Towards a close, but does he have to whine so?
he Secret Service's records documenting convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff's contacts with Bush administration officials may not reveal all such meetings, the White House said Tuesday.

The Secret Service has agreed to turn over White House visitor logs showing when Abramoff met with administration officials — and with whom. But presidential spokesman Scott McClellan cautioned reporters from viewing the release as all-inclusive.

"I don't know exactly what they'll be providing, but they only have certain records and so I just wouldn't view it as a complete historical record," McClellan said.

[ cf YahooNews: White House Cautions on Abramoff Logs ]
Is this the start of the Next Jeff Gannon Express?

Will America become SHOCKED to find out that there have been all sorts of players running a veritable hedge fund of influence peddling out of the White House - sort of the Gay Boy's Escort Service for persons who actually think that Blow Job is a financial euphenism for
Those Comical Records we send to the S.E.C. and the I.R.S. so that they have something to do while we Pork The Investors HIGH and HARD and rip off the rest of the consumers
You know, because we are in a time of Transferrence Unto The Unborn!!!

Oh stay tuned... This can only get, well, more sleazy!!!! as the Culture of Corruption keeps creeping out of the Dark Lagoon...

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