drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Are The Panzer Armee Of Apple A Greater Threat To FreeDome?

10 Reasons Why Apple's Battles Will Bolster Competition

Have you ever noticed that the evil liberal draft dodger culture is never willing to remind america that Business IS WarFare!!! and that the Apple DOMINATION of the Global Market Place would not have been possible without the Massive Grand iPanzerArmee that has crushed all of the Unbelievers before them with their Massive Air Bombardment followed up with the Quick Cutting Thrust of the iTanks, backed up with the iArmouredFightingVehicles!

This is why we MUST stop the GODLESS Horrors of RED Socialized Warfare that keeps trying to repress the freeDome of the Free Market by repressive governmental interference in the freeDome of corporations to bomb everyone until The Profit Margins Are Profitable!!!

Anything less and the Terrorists Rebrand, and we will all be wearing that schtick next season!
Tags: konspirakii

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