drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Those Supremes, You just have to be amused...

It is way too comical that on Mayday, the traditional COMMUNIST Holiday, which the Papist Opperssors of White Christian America, normally use as "St. Joseph's Day" as a part of their Monolithic Onslaughter, that has today been co-opted by persons concerned about the Immigration Policies of the United States in a time of transferring the tax burden unto the unborn, we get the Really COMICAL news from the Supremes:
Former Playmate of the Year Anna Nicole Smith won a unanimous US Supreme Court ruling on Monday giving her a new chance to collect millions of dollars she says her late Texas oil tycoon husband had promised her.

The justices overturned a ruling that the former topless dancer and Playboy centrefold was entitled to nothing because federal courts lacked jurisdiction to hear claims that are also involved in state court hearings over the will.

[ cf ReutersUK: Ex-Playboy model Anna Nicole Smith wins US ruling ]
Hello!!! Has anyone thought about sobering up the Supremes???

I mean we have americans being PERSECUTED in Afghanistan for running Free Lance Torture Facitilities for the Government!!! American Anti-State Terrorists running rampant at the White House Press Korps Holy Obligations Before the Great Leader!!!! The New Chief Of Staff at the White House trying to figure out how to Channel the Shaggalicious Austin Powers, so that they can recover their Mojo... The Evil Iranians WHINING that we have nukes and they don't so we can threaten to nuke their civilian population centers to force them to do what we want, and they won't.

We have whiners who fail to appreciate the Sheer Wonder of the Tree Hugger In Chief Radical Environmental Extremism that has driven up the price of petrol to over $3 a gallon in the USA based upon the great success of the fundamental Enviro-Terrorism of trying to restore not only the Iraqi, but also the Iranian wetlands, which has been such a great and glorioous hot hit amongst his left wing EcoTerroristBuds....

And with all of this going on - the Supreme's want to worry about a playmate's pre-nup and the fun and excitement of some wack sad effort to be an Dallas Soap Opera Script....

I mean how lame is that?

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