drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Defeat Economic Realism NOW!!!

Mayrose Wegmann, 25, should have been starting on her dream career as a political consultant by now. And saving toward her first home.

Instead, Wegmann, who graduated with a degree in political science and journalism from the University of Iowa in 2004 and moved to Washington, D.C., is working at a non-profit because it pays significantly more than entry-level politics work. And she won't even consider buying a home for several more years.

In fact, she won't consider much except how to meet the $300 a month she owes on her $34,000 student loan balance.

[ cf CnnMoney: Student loans - a life sentence
Forget about getting married and buying a home.
This generation is thinking about next month's payment.
Would this be the wrong time to talk about the fiscal consequences of transfering the tax burden unto the Unborn? Or are we suppose to just majikally believe that this time the Karl Rove Armoured Flying Saucer Korp will also be able to defeat Fiscal Realism as well as the Iranian Flying Saucers?

Clearly these defeatist Must Learn to be more patriotically corrector than thou!!! Clearly if they can not afford to be a positive part of America then they should stop supporting Terrorist Groups opposed to the Great Leader!!! Clearly they MUST learn to chant:
IF the Blue Dress Does Not FIT!!!
Then They Must Acquite!!!
Or those Evil Iranian Flying Saucers will return with their Evil Fiscal Realisms!!!

Keep Chanting until the Bad Things Go AWAY!!!! GO AWAY BAD THINGS!!!!

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