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TDD v. OrganicFarmingByProduct

Warning: what happens when the core epistemological concerns impact the professional life moments?

I find it interesting that a part of the debate about Hedges new book, is about the concern of mere dog whispering about anti-corporations, rather than the far scarier world! What it is like to be In Enron, and trying to point out that
The Testable Hypothesis!
It's all the Rage in Europe
Granted, that was from a time before we had always been at holy crusade against eh EuroTrash.

It so worries me that we wound up having to deal with the core unpleasantry of herr Doktor Harry G. Frankfurt's evil tome Bullshit - since that was about dealing with the arrival of the post-literate world in which it was totally acceptable to have a space where the True and False were no longer requirements - one could just skip straight to the OrganicFarmingByProduct without any concern what so ever about TrutheirNeffing!

I guess I find it way too funny that I am playing mix and match with Working Effectively with Legacy Code and The Political Mind only to find out that there is also The Poltical Brain in the mix as well.

So what should we be doing with the concerns of a post-literate america? The very land of Empire of Illusion: The End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle should we order a copy from Amazon, and have them ship it? Or call our local book store, put it on order, and hope to finish up what we have in play before it comes in?

Or are local indie book stores Terrorist Hide Outs? You know, like Libraries, but, well, More Unamerican!!!

How long should we be working in a post factual world? Or should we start working on what needs to be done, what needs to be learned, how to fill a more reasonable approach to reasoning in the main?

Or should we just kick it, and put the 3 stooges back on?
Tags: code, cogsci, memewar

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