drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why Can't The VOCHAS be more Patriotic and stop Hating America!!!

Well this is an interesting Takes on the Persecution of Entrepreneurs who showed the way on why the Victims Of Chicken Hawk Angst System were just a bunch of panty waisted faggot assed Nancy Boys:
An American cameraman imprisoned in Afghanistan for his part in running a private jail and torturing hostages, was released under a presidential pardon and whisked out of the country today on a flight home via Dubai.
Mr. Caraballo was released under a general pardon by President Hamid Karzai in celebration of two national holidays, the Muslim Prophet Mohammed's birthday, and Afghanistan's defeat of Communism on April 27, 1992, in which all prisoners with less than a year to serve were granted an early release.

Mr Idema and Mr. Bennett are serving longer sentences, five and three years respectively.

[ cf AmPravda: Afghanistan Releases Man Involved in Private Jail ]
While this is also reported as
A U.S. journalist convicted of torturing Afghan detainees in a secret Kabul jail was freed two months before his two-year sentence ended and taken out of the country under heavy U.S. security.

Edward Caraballo, 44, a cameraman from New York, was one of three Americans jailed after Afghan authorities discovered a squalid house in July 2004 containing eight detained Afghans who alleged they had been tortured.
araballo maintains that the American government authorized the jail, which was run by former Special Forces officer Jonathan K. Idema and his right-hand man, Brent Bennett. U.S. authorities have repeatedly denied the claims and said the prison was part of a freelance hunt for terrorists.

[ cf LaTimes: U.S. Journalist Convicted of Torture Released ]
I mean here is just one more clear proof that the VOCHAS are just stabbing our valiant Free Market Entrepreneurs in the BACK with their Leftist Leaning Socialist Welfare Statist Dogma that the Nannny State should be providing them with the Torture Entertainment and all of that War Like Video Footage so that they can still get a Woody without actually having to get up off their Keesters and into Combat to prove that they are RealMen[dm]

Clearly The VOCHAS must be detained and question for why they Hate America!!!

Now More THAN EVER!!! All Patriotic Americans MUST be asking why the VOCHAS keep trying to hide behind the Blue Dress, hoping that some how someone else will step into it and take the Big One For Them!!!

Clearly ALL TRUE Americans Must Chant the Holy Mantra
If The Blue Dress Does Not Fit!!!
Then You MUST Acquite!!!
Or the Evil Iranian Flying Saucers will return, as they did on 09/11/2001, and persecute our White Christian America and cause the Economy to fall down!!!

Now More THAN EVER we Must STOP the VOCHAS!!!

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