drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Black Flag Ops are Not Fraud!

When Lobbying is Fraud
They use the specific case when letters to a congreeCritter were forged by one lobbying firm, to appear to be from a grass roots organization.

But let us step back and put some perspective into play here. Anywhere else this is known as a Black Flag Operation and is standard LowIntensityWarFareScenarioizations! and thus is perfectly legal, if the firm believed that they were acting on the orders of the WarPresident in the interest of National Security! And remember that in our new world order, that belief need not be grounded in the failed pre-911 culture of mere Factualism! But could be a belief in the believability that some WarPresident would have ordered the black flag ops, in this or any other slip stream time line.

The alternative would be the HORRORS of RED Socialized SpecOps! and mandating that they are only done by the Government! As if this were some Communist Nation crushing the FreeDome of the Free Market in SpecOps!

Do YOU want some Federal Bureaucrat to ration the types and qualities of Black Flag Ops run in this country by people who Seriously Believe!!!!
Tags: lawfare, memewar, war_crimes

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