drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

They are Evil And Bad

A Different Kind of Teacher Cheating
It seems that PowerPointing is a bad idea, and causes bad things to happen, whether that failure occurs in the class room, or the war room, it is a bad use of bad technology, and some guy back in 2003 was against powerPointing in lieu of actual information usage.

But to explain that I would need to make a chart with bullet points and thingies and pooh...

But I think we have all come to expect this sort of Hatred Of America by those who are sinisterly advancing their Red Agenda of Red Socialized Law Enforcement, rather than backing the troo freeDome that comes with the better graphical presenting of nonsensicalisms of faith in the purity of the corrector ideology!

{ think of that as if it were say 20 slides. }

Tags: geek_stuff, memewar

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