drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why Does The American State Department Hate America!!!

Al-Qaeda will remain "a resilient enemy for years to come" but the United States believes it has "disrupted" the terrorist group's operations, the State Department declared today in its annual Country Reports on Terrorism. Also in the report, Iran is singled out as the most active state-sponsor of terrorism, and it is estimated there were about 11,000 terrorist incidents in the world last year - causing about 14,600 deaths.
[ cf UsaToday: State: Al-Qaeda will remain a threat 'for years' ]
But Isn't The BASIS for the Holy War Against The Iranian Flying Saucers to Protect The World From The Threat Of Terrorism???

Has anyone started an investigation into the numbers of
in the state department openly offering aid and comfort to evil doers everywhere???

Clearly SOMEONE must stop the State Department from Stabbing Our Valiant Fighting Forces In The BACK!!!!

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