drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Brando, The Wild Ones, The HORROR of Socialized Law Enforcement

Yes Middle America, it's time for All True Americans to ask what was the Real Meaning behind the Demonic Red Hollywood Propaganda Film, The Wild One - as the evils of Red Communist Socialized Law Enforcement is unmasked as the dark sinister evil of Red Tyranny Burning Up the Road with the Evils of Red Communism corrupting the moral fibre of White Christian America with it's evil atheistical Horrors!!!

We turned back the sinister Red Hollywood Plot of Red Motorcycle Riders, we must clearly arm up again against the Brutal Jack Booted Iron Fisted Onslaught of Red Socialized Law Enforcement!!! Think of the INNOCENT Children. The Sacred Innocent Children, Children, at whole sale warehouse factory prices to you, who would be crushed under the brutal onslaught of Red Socialized Law Enforcement!!!

{ ok, so it just was not as exciting as it could have been, and well, in our current horror of the brutal onslaught of Red Socialized Law Enforcement brought on by the evil HORRORS of the Obamanation Before GOD, maybe focusing on the current issues is more important! }
Tags: film, kultur_kamp

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