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Ending The Culture Of Corruption

I know that many are aware that we are Knee Deep in a KulturKampf, with the very Soul Of America up for grabs in the struggle between the forces of Darkness And Evil on one side and the forces of All Things Bright And Beautiful. Granted, one of the really big problems here is how to tell the two apart at times.

Let's see there are the funny Pages of American Pravda where we learn
A public relations firm has apologized to General Motors after acknowledging that it may have offered money to former Labor Secretary Robert B. Reich in exchange for public comments supporting the automaker's employee buyout program. The offer would violate General Motors's policy against payments to opinion makers.
[ cf G.M. Entangled in Pay-for-Publicity Dispute ]
Evil Liberal Democrats Caught In Bed With Corporate OverLords....

Film At 11???
Officials of the American Red Cross say they try to recover "every last dollar" lost to theft or fraud, but a Connecticut case involving the theft of $120,000 has raised questions about that commitment when it carries the risk of bad publicity.
cf Red Cross Quietly Settles Case of a $120,000 Theft ]
The alledged free market alternative to the Now Defunct FEMA that was Gelded by the Directorate Of State Security Fumbling....
Patrick J. Fitzgerald, the special prosecutor in the C.I.A. leak case, is expected to decide in the next two to three weeks whether to bring perjury charges against Karl Rove, the powerful adviser to President Bush, lawyers involved in the case said Thursday.
[ cf Prosecutor Weighs Charges Against Rove in Leak Case ]
Remind me again, this is all persecution of Karl Rove because he is a Christian and Radical Left Wingers like the Prosecutor are God Hating America Bashing Draft Dodgers???

Mean while we have
Physics in America is at a crossroads and in crisis, just as humanity stands on the verge of great discoveries about the nature of matter and the universe, a panel from the National Academy of Sciences concludes in a new report.

The United States should be prepared to spend up to half a billion dollars in the next five years to ensure that a giant particle accelerator now being designed by a worldwide consortium of scientists can be built on American soil, the panel said. If that does not happen, particle physics, the quest for the fundamental forces and constituents of nature, will wither in this country, it said.
Failure to build the machine, the International Linear Collider, in the United States, the panel said, would force American particle physicists to do their research in Europe, where a major machine is to come online next year, and other places, perhaps Japan.

The blow to American physics would erode the base of science and technology that has fueled innovation, provided intellectual and cultural inspiration and bolstered national security over the last century.

[ cf Panel Warns of a Crisis in American Physics ]
Which part of the Faith Based Science were we supporting as the foundation of the New Economic Models of High Technology?

Then there is that question about the Job Stimulus tax package, that we are now suppose to make permenant, since there is no other way to keep the economy from completely collapsing
President Bush said the report showed that the country was "on the fast track" and called on Congress to make his tax cuts permanent. "The surest way to put the brakes on the economy is to raise taxes or spend too much of the taxpayers' money here in Washington," he said at the White House.

Earlier, Senator Jack Reed, Democrat of Rhode Island, said the economic growth, while welcome, was uneven and most workers' wages were not keeping up with inflation. "We can't be satisfied until economic growth provides widespread benefits to American families," Mr. Reed, the ranking member on the Joint Economic Committee, said in a statement.
Some economists say at least some of the growth in the first quarter probably reflects a catch-up from the end of last year, when the economy was suffering from the aftershocks of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. But the growth is expected to slow as that bounce wears off and as higher gasoline prices, which are hovering around $3 a gallon in much of the country, take their toll on consumers and businesses.

[ cf U.S. Economic Growth Rose Sharply in 1st Quarter ]
Or are we suppose to forget the facts from when the tax packages were sold to americans, because we live in a new world order where
and it is our Patriotic Duty to Remember that Great Leader wants us to Chant:
If The Blue Dress Does Not Fit!!!
You Must Acquit!!!!
So as to keep those Iranian Flying Saucers from imposing their Gay HomoZeXual Zombie Pirate Canadianist Cyborg Marriage Initiatives.
You do understands that Dildo's and other sex toys, are merely the first step in the Onslaught by Cyborgs to take over the Planet with their Machine Human Interaction Dominations!!!
So in the KulturKampf againt the culture of Corruption there is But ONE CHOICE!!!!

All Americans Must Support Great Leader!!! For only the Now Truth is the True Truth!!!!

All Past Truths Are Terrorist Propaganda!!!

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