drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Apple Prooves That Only A Socialist Free World is American Enough!

Apple Rejects Google Voice App, Invites Regulation
Or there is the other problem here, that the fiasco of failed deregulation of the telco world, still suffers from the failure of the Ruling Oligarchy to be, well, uh, market driven enough? so that they are merely that other form of Socialism, that is caused by failing to have an appropriate balance between market forces that is best defined as natural monopolies; and thus is not open to the true majik of a free market, and needs to be appropriately managed, by the government, as the sole true representative of the will and consent of the people????

GAY UNBORN BABY WHALES Capitale Gaines Taxes!!!!

Oh dear, what are we going to do as we move into Post-Post-Surealism as the new PoMo?
Tags: economics, geek_stuff, they_did_what

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