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And This Was Considered News Worthy?

Summary: On the April 25 edition of ABC's World News Tonight, co-anchor Elizabeth Vargas reported that President Bush "unveil[ed] an ambitious plan to lower the cost of oil and gas." Yet later in the same broadcast, ABC News chief White House correspondent Martha Raddatz reported that the Bush administration "acknowledges that this plan will likely not bring down the price of gas anytime soon."
[ cf MediaMatters: ABC's own report debunked Vargas's claim that Bush ... ]
While over at the FauxNews we have
Summary: On the same edition of his radio show in which he misidentified the energy secretary, Bill O'Reilly proposed a "bill" to deport to Canada "high school kids in this country [who] couldn't pass a civics test," because they "don't know what the House of Representatives is; they don't know what the judicial branch is."
[ cf MediaMatters: O'Reilly failed his own "civics test"; will he deport himself to Canada? ]
In the first CRISIS OF FAITH, one really has to ask folks what were you expecting???
  • An accidental insertion of Troops Into Iraq that was not really about finding those Iranian Flying Saucers?
  • Job Creation Tax Cuts that were not about Job Creation.
  • Intelligence Leak Investigations that are not about finding the Leaker In Chief.
  • Environmental Regulations that are not about protecting the Environment
  • The Department Of Homeland Security that is not about Homeland, or Security, and has become the basis for giving up on any sort of federally managed emergency support capabilities beyond the Armed Forces Ability To Bomb Anywhere at AnyTime!!!
Yes, now more than ever!!! Americans MUST remember it is their Patriotic Duty to Chant:
If the Tattered Blue Dress Does Not FIT!!!
You Must Acquit!!!
Or FauxNews will have to find another country to report about, where those Iranian Flying Saucers are Bigger And Cooler than they were when they attacked america, the second time, on 09/11/2001!!!! And then watch how americans deal with the reality that American Idol has been replaces with some sort of Ferrign Devil Idol and americans are forced to Worship Their False Gods!!! Because FauxNews will no longer offer them American False Gods to Worship!!!

So Folks REALLY should head the Gospel According to Faux News or they may be forced to remember things the way that they were suppose to have been remembered rather than the way that they occurred!!!! Remember boys and girls
so if you do not know where your facts have been, you should turn them over to the Department of Homeland Security.

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