drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Should Liberals Be Allowed To Limite Numbers of Irradicated UnAmerianista?

Is Michael Massing Making a Joke?
Does the fact that at least 100 detainees die under torture mean that it is a systemic torture regime?

And should people be obliged to retreat into mere factualism in an age of Religious Re-Awakening that the nation must clearly be in, since we have such great religious movements as the BirtherKult, the BlueDogDyslexics ( who thot they were going to be the Blue Gods and rock it past the mere Blue Men ), and all of the others who understand that Number Theory is Just A Theory! It is not a Fact!

So why should americans be left helpless! clearly if the state is willing to accidentally kill a couple hundred thousand here and there with their policies of actively doing stuff, that should be chaulked up to the Good Of The Nation! That in america we support killing people for no apparent reason, because we have total faith in our national leadership to do stuff!
Tags: republican_pron

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