drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Get Your Patriarchy ON!

The Complex Sexualities of Young Women: Young women today are faced with pressures and mixed messages about sex everywhere they look.

I so laughed at Surely, if this were so, I'd have heard the long, whining wail of even just one of the Rush Limbaugh's of the world? - since, some how, this is not yet the Post-Feminista Age!

What if the problem is no less simpler on the male side of the line? And that the reason we have so may wailing and nashing of teeth from HanoiAnnie Coulter, and the rest of her girlFiends like Rush, et al, is that the problems were never simple, were never easy, and were not going to be fixed in the next release!

What if we all keep working on how best to sort out our 'trash night' models? and with that the horror of working out what sort of Nash Bargaining Solution will work weller. Gosh, in a gender neutralish way.

As such, what if this is really all about the boring implementation details of Genial Gene that is utilizing The Political Brain - and that it never was going to be a simple as all silicon boobies....
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