drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Out Source It NOW!!!

The increasing privatisation of war is being discussed at a Warsaw conference.
Specialists from around the world will discuss the growth of private military firms in conflict zones including Iraq.

The firms are increasingly taking over roles traditionally carried out by the military during war, in a booming industry worth $100bn (£56bn) a year.

The conference has been organised by the International Committee of the Red Cross, which fears some firms do not respect international humanitarian law.

Mercenaries are still the image in many people's minds of private warfare, but private companies now provide services ranging from personal security and weapons maintenance to the interrogation of prisoners.

[ cf BBC: War privatisation talks in Warsaw ]
Can Americans CONTINUE to allow the Socialist Reds In Government to waste our tax dollars on more play acting of national military forces when we should be out in front of the Process and Hiring the Best at market rates!!!!

Now Morer Than Everer Americans Must Be Patrioticerer and support The President!!!
If the blue Dress Does Not FIt!!!!
Then One Must Acquit!!!!
Anything less and americans will be forced to defend themselves against those brutal Iranian Flying Saucers with the same failed welfare state Practices of having welfare types doing the Military Welfare State Queen Gag!!! Rather than Hiring the Best Money Can Buy!!!

We must shift NOW!!!! while they are still willing to conduct war contracts in american Dollars!!!

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