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Start The Racial Profiling Now

An American faced stern punishment after being convicted of robbing a bank in Pakistan: Losing a hand and foot.

Daniel Patrick Boyd avoided the sentence when his conviction was overturned. Two decades later, the 39-year-old is accused of organizing a group in the U.S. with international terrorist aspirations, and he faces life in prison if convicted.

Prosecutors say Boyd's time in Pakistan also included terrorist training that he brought back to North Carolina, where over the past three years he allegedly recruited followers willing to die as martyrs waging jihad — an Arabic word that means the struggle to do good and commonly used by extremists to mean holy war.

N.C. terror suspect Daniel Patrick Boyd nearly lost limbs in Pakistan bank robbery case ]
More Importantly look at that terrorist Face!!!

I say we start rounding those types up! So that people feel safe from the threat of them!
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