drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Will The UN Force The USofA???

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said today that the latest talks between United Nations monitors and Iranian envoys had apparently failed to break the impasse over Iran's nuclear activities and that the United Nations Security Council had no choice but to rebuke Iran.
The United Nations' credibility is at stake, Ms. Rice said, and "it cannot have its word and its will completely ignored by a member state."

[ cf AmPravda: Talks Have Failed, Now U.N. Must Act on Iran, Says Rice ]
Who can forget how the Failure Of the UN to defeat the Iranian Flying Saucers In Iraq lead to the UN forcing America to accidentally insert troops into Iraq to restore the Iraqi Wetland and Free Iraqi's from the Threat of Iranian Flying Saucers.

Can we allow the UN to once again victimize America into accidentally inserting troops innto Iran to restore the Iranian Wetlands and Free Iranians from the Threat of the Iranian Flying Saucers????

Or will Americans turn against these Evil Doing Evil Liberal War Monger Press Puppet Toadies of the Blue Helmetted One Worlders bent upon the destruction of our white Christian America!!!!

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