drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Do Better Drugs!

Ann Coulter Calls Birthers "Cranks" meets Inhofe: The Birthers "Have A Point," And "I Don't Discourage It".

Hum. Remind me again why it is that these Radical Left Wingers keep supporting the Godless HORROR of socialist law enforcement? When clearly only by allowing the free market to decide how much homeland security each citizen should have inside their home! can americans be freed from the HORROR of a socialist Obamanation Before GOD!

Are YOU doing YOUR PART to end the HORRORS of Socialism! Or are you stabbing our troops in the back by Opposing GOD's Divine Plan of a Hello Kitty Taser in every young girls hand!
Tags: economics, republican_pron, they_did_what

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