drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

How much longer can we allow the Socialist Horrors

It's Just Too Easy
One has to wonder how much longer americans will put up with the HORRORS of Socialist Armed Agression Against Freedom that comes with allowing STATE DOMINATION in the law enforcement system, that utilizes Unionized Labor in the so called police forces!!! Rather than turning to the Glorious Military VictoriousNeff of leaving Law Enforcement up to the Privateers of the Free Market! So that people will get as much Law Enforcement as the Market will allow.

Hopefully after tasering a 14 year old girl to the head, the word will get out, that children need to learn the importance of freeing the free market in law enforcement, just as we must free the freeDome of the Department of Defense, and the other facets of the Homeland Securtity Investment Bubble!

Are YOU doing your part to let the freeDome Free!?!
Tags: economics, law, republican_pron, war_crimes

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