drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why worry, be happy?

Bush Era Horrors Will Haunt Us Until We Truly Face Them: We can't just "move forward." We need to face who we've been and just how badly we've acted, if we care to become something better. offers such a downer vision of things being so, well, not happy! Where as we learn in Methland: The Drug Epidemic That Ravaged the Midwest: The meth epidemic tearing apart America's small towns is in many ways a product of the global economy. when we read, correctly, between the lines, that the importance of a free market systems of entrepreneurship helps bring the freedome of the free market from all over the globe into the hometown where you live.

So why worry, be happy... If there was an issue about total military victory in the Resource Wars, then of course it would be a productized video game to help you embrace the total victorious gloriousness as only the free market can bring you!
Tags: economics, republican_pron

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