drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

The Shrill One Gets Merely Ideological

DeMint offers a teachable moment, in which he addresses the core failure of pimping the 'individual insurance plan', which is limited by state regulation, and is the least engaged of the health insurance policies.

Not once does The Shrill one address how the Marvels of Majikal Faith Based Belief In the Purity of Essence will always make the Free Market do what would be what Faith Based Freedomes would free! And as such he totally fails to address the actual position that DeMint and friends are presenting, because once again Krugman limits his position to merely the reality based community, thus totally alienating the SpaceBased and FaithBased land of the Greys, BirtherKults, and true beleivers!

Ok, so the other comedy is watching the NationalSocialistSocialists under DeMint advocate stabbing states rights in the back to establish some majikally federally protected free market system of insurance programmes..
Tags: economics, health

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