drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Socialist In DOD Attack Freedom By Failing to Support FoxNews!

Pentagon Furious at Fox News Analyst for Calling For Execution of Captured Soldier
Is anyone really surprised that the SOCIALIST in the DOD are Extremists who Hate Freedom! And want to do anything they can to protect their Welfare Queens from the Free Trade of the Freemarket!!!

Clearly now that FoxNews has ripped the UGLY MASK Of Red Communist Socialism lurking in the DOD, we can finally totally win against the Socialist, and leave National Security to the Unregulated Free Market where it has always belonged!

Clearly Folks MUST Protect FoxNews from teh Socialista who would destroy our freedom by being UnAmerican! FreeperVille To The Follies!!! Before the Socialista Attack Again!
Tags: media, memewar

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