drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

The Crisis of Place

Oh, so it was not until the US Military arranged to dig up a birth certificate that I learned how to lawfully spell my own name. But since this means that I am depending upon the same people who provided all of the other cover documents, to be truthful about what they say are the real documents, how exactly do I feel secure that I am whom my paperwork says that I am?

And is that ultimately the crisis for the birthers. That they need to believe in something, and are not sure what to do with the failure of will that occurred when the NeoConClownCarCrew ABANDONED THE WHITE HOSUE without so much as a bombing, or mass shooting, or some sort of military Rambo Stuff, showing that this time we were all in it for the WIN!

How can one believe anything in the wake of such a tragic betrayal of faith!
Tags: memewar

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