drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Will The FreeperVillers Follow their DeMinted Ways?

DeMinted Republicans
The shrill one notes that it is a novel moment in american history for a US Senator to equate these modern times with Germany on the Eve of WWII. He focus's on the grand sense of betrayal that these true believers, who sold their soul for an Eternal NeoConClownCarParty Rule, and now do not even have a republican in the white house.

So while one might follow from the rhetoric of Stopping The Evil Civilian Dictator, with, well, an armed uprising, it is not clear that the crisis of faith of having sold one's soul short will have the emotional staying power to get folks into the trenches! To come in for the win, until this peace craze blows over. They did not do it for winning in IranqIstania, they will not do it to save america from the Obamanation.
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