drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Dis A Cop, go to GitMo, it's the KulturKampf

there are cops out there, and I fear sometimes that it's crept into the culture of policing in some jurisdictions, who think that a citizen treating them in a disrespectful way amounts to a crime.
[ cf Too Big A Taboo? ]
Well you don't think Jack Bauer would have let that guy go, anywhere but straight to GitMo, to be waterboarded, so that we could learn whom the OTHER Terrorist Fellow Travellors at Harvard and other effemete east coast elitist Terrorist Training Centers masquerading as colleges and university.

Besides in a time off War President, the Majikal Power Act covers everyone who believes that they were given a lawful order by the Majikal Powers Actors, or the RINO Rave Revue, or someone who seemed to be in some way in authority somewhere.
Tags: law, memewar, war_crimes

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