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How Constant War Became the American Way of Life
An interesting idea - but complicated by the reality that the DraftDodgerKultur has learned the cool of sounding ProWar, but without the consequences of being obliged to follow their rhetorical posture into the unPleasantZone!

When I think about the current variation, the big win is that we skipped the whole red-hollywood part of the process and FINALLY learned how to shovel the tax payers dollars straight to the needy corporations without all of that messy part about getting scripts written, things green lighted, and then wondering if the mere civilians would do their part to make the whole GloriouslyVictoriousMissionAccomplishedDance, well, the social gala occassion of the season!

And you got to respect that Great Leap Forward!
The future wars of choice for the Defense Department appear to be wars of heavy bombing and light-to-medium occupation. The weapons will be drones in the sky and the soldiers will be, as far as possible,...
( op cit )
{ tom dispatch offers up a nice understanding about the founding fathers and the idea of war in a constitutional setting. }
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