drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

The Gates Crisis: racial or class issue?

Black scholar arrest angers Obama.

One has to wonder if the real issue here is one of 'race' - as much as one of class. What would have happened if some white guy had gotten all uppity about the cops interfering in his house? What would have happened if it were a rich white guy...

So while there is an obvious melanin based component, one has to wonder if that is the real driver here? how much of the politics of the age are about generating class warfare, by any means useable for the cable news organizations.

That it was not so much that the guy was 'black' as he was some sort of elitist intellectual.

( UPDATE: see also What Makes the Arrest of Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. So Tragic -- do we need to politicize race as a wedge issue? )
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