drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Who Swollowed Which Crack Pipe?

THE new voice of the White House is a conservative Fox News commentator and rock musician who recently said President George W. Bush is "something of an embarrassment" and has "lacklustre" policies.
[ cf Bush appoints critic as chief spokesman ]

Going after the Male Conservative Rocker Vote....

While the Left Wing God Haters over At WaPo take the more agressive Attack
Tony Snow hadn't so much as walked into the briefing room to thank the president for appointing him when the liberal bloggers started ripping him apart.

Welcome to the White House, dude.

The libs were having the most fun rounding up past columns in which the Fox News commentator took potshots at the prez (while ignoring the 90 percent of verbiage in which Snow was supportive).
"Snow is, as well, the political personality who said of what honest conservatives and liberals describe as the most imperial presidency in history: 'No president has looked this impotent this long when it comes to defending presidential powers and prerogatives.' . . .

"If Tony Snow really does not think that George Bush has done enough to defend presidential powers and prerogatives, then he is a fine fit for this imperial presidency. He has not merely drunk the Kool-Aid, he has complained that the mix is not strong enough.

[ cf WaPo: Blizzard of Criticism ]
Which is suppose to support or refute the position that there is a progression from one place to another. Over at MediaMatters: ABC's Shipman: "Probably one of the first things" Snow is going to do is change White House TV channels from Fox News the allegation is that Tony Snow will help the Prez get outside of his inner courtier of draft dodging dope smoking america bashing god haters and in touch with the more mainstream america...

But then again boys and girls, should a Press Secretary be defining Policy??? Or is that the real crisis of faith here. What with Karl Rove again working on trying to plea bargain out of the Grand Jury, and the ongoing fiasco of the White House to explain why we need total Victory In Iran to prevent the Collapse of Family Values, that all americans are starting to learn, or re-learn, the fine art of Kremlinology and how to divine the national policies by which players are where in the most recent issues of Pravda...

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