drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

CounterInsurgency? Who would have Thunk It?

Once a Renegade, Counterinsurgency Retiree Represents Iraq Norm interesting. Should we worry about it in conjunction with:
It’s been exactly one year since then-Attorney General Michael Mukasey proposed in a speech at the American Enterprise Institute that Congress pass legislation declaring a new, expanded war with al-Qaeda and the Taliban — thereby granting the president the authority to detain indefinitely members of those groups anywhere in the world where they’re found.
[ cf Obama May Seek Authority Outlined by Mukasey: Reports Signal White House Interest in Expanded Detention Powers ]
For those of you who may not remember it, MACV and the DOD asked LBJ for an unequivocal declaration of war after the Tet '68 offensive, and Walter Cronkite's defeatist propoganda that we might not win.

So push all of that in the blender and hit Frapee!

Where do we as americans want to land, in the happy thoughts that we should grant even MORE majikal powers, and worst of all, to a mere civilian president to boot!
Tags: memewar, war

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