drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Should Military Chaplains Advocate Murdering American Government Officials

... in his official Department of Defense-approved chaplain endorsement agency newsletter, a letter written by a fellow retired Colonel which suggested, per a reference to a fabricated Abraham Lincoln quote appended to the letter, that four United States Senators, all from the Democratic Party, should be executed: for the allegedly treasonous act of voting against a Senate bill that would have established English as the official US language.
[ cf Want To Menace US Leaders ? Join The Theocratic Far Right ]
WOW.... Treason for voting against a senate bill.

What Next?

A lone gunman acting on the call of God?

I mean, one has to respect the idea that it is ok to kill off governmental officials in a time of warfare, since, well, of course we must be in a time of warfare, because it is cool to advocate killing off governmental officials.

and you should so feel safe, since, well, these folks move in the cool military-politico-socio-circles, just like one of the cool kids....
Tags: memewar, religion, republican_pron

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