drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

They Have A Name For This...

President George W. Bush, facing voter concern over soaring fuel prices, said he will free up oil that is being added to the nation's emergency reserves and waive rules that are creating bottlenecks in U.S. gasoline markets.

Bush, in a speech today in Washington to the trade group for ethanol producers, said the country should improve fuel efficiency and develop alternatives to oil. He also ordered the Justice Department to look for possible price manipulation. Democratic lawmakers said Bush's proposals would do little to lower prices.

``We'll leave a little more oil on the market'' by halting deliveries to the reserves, Bush said. ``Every little bit helps.'' He said the fuel-rule waivers would address concerns about local shortages as refiners switch to blending ethanol in gasoline.

[ cf Bloomberg: Bush Halts Oil Reserve Additions, Backs Fuel Waivers (Update5) ]
Was It ClintonestaIsm??? Or
KlintonestaIsm: The Sin Of Acting as if You Married Hitlery And The RadFemiNazi's
I mean where is the faith in the President's Policy of
Pre-Emptive Retaliatory Nuclear First Strikes
as the Governmetn's Adjuct to the Free Market System where the Invisible Hand of the Market knows best about how to Grope The Consumer's Needs....

Can't Someone STOP these Radical Environmental Extremists who are offering Aid And Comfort To the evil doeres....

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