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Get Your Game ON!

The "Swiftboating" of Human Rights Watch

Well, clearly we can all feel safer now, knowing that Radical Left Wing Extremists like Human Rights Groups will no longer be used by Blue Helmeted One Worlders to foist the Evil Liberal Nation Building agenda of restoring the wetlands to IranqIstania upon honest hard working all american tax payers!

Or is this more of the same old persecution of IslamoCyrptoZionists that will be the inevitable first step of Godless Liberalism as they intern white christian americans in the death camps of no one left behind stories!

You know, it is getting hard to remember which side whom were on in the Holy Crusades against the Evil Doing Evil Doers, who were Evil and Doing, and ERS!!! { or maybe what we really need is that most scariest of all scary thingies: Your Boob Tape Is Showing: When Celebs Come Unglued (NSFW PHOTOS) since in the World of Scary Things, What could be scarier!!! than Rampant Ravaging Clevage Of Catastrophy!!! }
Tags: memewar

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