drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

What? Market Prices may not reflect True Prices?

There are many obstacles to taking action on climate change. Most of those obstacles have deep roots: there are powerful interest groups that don’t want market prices to reflect true costs, and there are ideologues — financially supported by these interest groups — who don’t want to admit that sometimes the government has to intervene.

But there’s also, it seems, growing opposition to cap-and-trade from people who should be on the side of progress — but whose reaction is basically “Eek! Markets!Wall Street! Speculation! Bad!”

[ cf Is the threat of speculation a reason to shun cap and trade? ( emphasis mine to scare FreeMarketeers! ) ]

Well, there the shrill one goes, scarying everyone with all of those scary ideas!

One has to wonder why folks are afraid of Markets in the first place. Could it be that the Majikal Mistikal imaginary invisible foote of the market, that failed, left the wrong indelible imprint on folks that now confuses Psychotic Deregulation with all forms of market?

What if we were to go back around the process of learning - and work from what we know, and then put together new ideas - such as a reasonable cap and trade strategy to help marry the actual costs to the actual prices. Who knows, then folks might become More Green for the old fashion reasons of being cost conscious!

Or should we just stay with the current Model of mindlessNeff, where having no mind, things do not really matter much one way or the other!
Tags: economics

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