drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

on talking with my cousin wick

As ruth giggled at listening to the phone call on the speaker phone, You two sound like cousins.

Wick is back in the home country and gave me the most beloved phrase
How do you look in brown
since he of course is more than willing to pull out his four aces of the Aryan MasterRaceNeff, and club the unbeleiver untermenschen over the head with them.

But as I had to point out to him, since he supports legal stuff, and economic stuff, it can only follow that he is a Communist, since anyone living under the Jack Booted Iron Fist Of Godless Liberalism in Germany MUST be a communist. It is a simple self identity about the Horrors of being that UnAmerican!

So it was so fun to chat with the cousin. Who knows where things will go from there.
Tags: family

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