drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Should Civilians Have Access To Knowledge?

Our Terrorrist Friends over at s9: The Great Firewall Of China are again whining that by allowing the Major Corporation to Censor what gets on the Wire, that this may be far more dangerous than allowing the State to Censor what gets on the wire.

So YES, you really do want to check out Save The Internet since the idea of allowing the Major Corporations to control the content on the Net would be really impolite, rude, and very destructive to our American way of life.

Allow me to put the BIG UGLY in everyone's head.

If all you want to hear from the Internet is
  • All True Americans Support The President's Policies of Nuking To Win In Iran
  • Stength Through Joy Dish Washing Detergent Stops Iranian Flying Saucers!
  • There will be additional Showing of Passions of The Christ followed by It is a Wonderful Life This Season!
  • The Choco Ration Has been increased by 3grams
  • All True Patriotic Americans Support
    If the Blue Dress Does Not Fit!!!
    You Must Acquit!!!
    To Stop The Iranian Flying Saucers
Then Go FOR IT, end internet neutrality.

Join the Happy Faces, Be The Happy Fun!!!

But More Importantly Keep Chanting the Mantra!!!

Cause anything Less and not only will the Terrorist WIN! But those Iranian Flying Saucers will come back!!!

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