drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Godless Liberals Seek To Drag Americans into the Dark Horror of Pre-911 KulturKampf

Let the Record Show ...
Should they be allowed to mention that the unpaid for 1.35 Trillion in tax give aways was once considered the hippest coolest whatever. Yes, that $1.35 trillion tax cut becomes law from June 7, 2001 reporting.

So how can liberals even refer to that which occurred prior to 911 in the current discussion about health care Terrorism, in which the liberals want to scare americans about health care costs!!!

Our TROOPS are still winning against the Evils of Medical Costs! So why allow Liberals to try to force innocent children back to the Dark Days BEFORE america was totally united in their support of the War President!!!!
Tags: health, memewar

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