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Veterans around the country are waiting for Secretary Eric Shensiki to come to grips with the fact, obvious to all of us in the "real world" that we are in a war.

I don't mean Iraq and Afghanistan, I mean here at home. We have many times more veterans than we have serving military and many more people in harms way at the hands of rogue elements of the Department of Veterans Affairs than from any foreign enemy.

For every national veterans care scandal, whether "Shreddergate" or "Snoopgate" there is now one every day popping up at one medical center after another. The stories are treated as hundreds of "isolated incidents." The big ones, thousands risk death from infection or incompetent treatment get a day of news, hidden behind the endless circus of petty political bickering that has replaced government in America.

Ah yes, more proof that the liberals have been pushing socialist welfare queens into the armed forces, rather than finding the sort of patriotic men who are not willing to use godless socialist health care programmes pushed by the Red Hordes of Socialist Welfare Staters...

Besides, how can any True, Red Blooded All Americans want to turn to the welfare state for assistance, since that dilutes the Massive ManPower, the Throbbing Tumultuous Tubbor Of Twooth that comes from being the survival of the fitest!!!

Do we really want to contaminate america with these socialist red whiners?
Tags: memewar, republican_pron, war

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